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Tier 1 Tires gives you the best return on your investment! We have new 16 ply commercial truck tires for sale at great prices. We are not your ordinary tire shop, located in Hutchins, TX. we have years of experience owning trucks and valuable in site into commercial truck tires.

Tier 1 Tires grew out of our owners desire to find the "right tire" for his growing fleet of frac sand trucks. Understanding the punishing conditions of the Texas oil field lease roads, and the long highway miles that stretch in-between; he decided on durable 16 Ply drive and steer tires.

He also found a way to further increase his ROI when he discovered the value of liquid tire sealers."I’ve always stayed away from all of the gimmicky miracle products being sold out there, but Shaeffers Seal liquid tire sealant has made a big difference in reducing my rate of flat tires. Now my drivers have the confidence that it's going to take a bolt or some larger debris to cause a flat tire."

Most drivers have experienced the high cost of a road side tire at least once during their career, not to mention the long waits on the side of the road, and cost of down time.

For about $20-30 dollars per tire you can have the peace of mind that your equipment will get the job done, even when life tries to get in the way. We don’t want you to just buy tires; as a supplier we want to develop a business relationship with our customers.

Together we can work out a winning tire management program whether you’re equipping your rig or an entire fleet.

At Tier1 Tires our goal started as simply finding the right tire for our needs, and its grown to providing the right tire for your needs; while providing the best return on investment in the industry.

Tier 1 Tires provides today's drivers, owner operators, and fleet owners with a common sense alternative to the expensive tire brands or the recappers. We understand the many challenging road conditions drivers are facing, from lease roads so bad that your hooking up to the tow cat before even going in, to cruising across I-10 in Arizona in the middle of August, or just finding a place to park a mile from the airport in Key West, Fl.It's times like these that you'll be glad you choose to buy your tires from Tier 1 Tires

Give us a call today and find out how we can get you on the road with the best tires at a fair price.Tier 1 Tires will keep you trucking on down the road!