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16 PLY EPA Smartway Certified Commercial Truck Tires

16 PLY Commercial Truck Tires
​       Drive Tires -  Annanite 660


ALL 16 PLY drive & steer tire sizes are

$250.00 each

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Give us a call today if you are looking for a specific size or style of tire. We are happy to help you find the right commercial truck tires for your truck.

Tier 1 Tires provides commercial truck tires for today's truck drivers, owner operators, and truck fleet owners with a common sense alternative to the expensive tire brands or the re-cappers tire deal.

We understand the many challenging road conditions drivers are facing, from lease roads so bad that your hooking up to the tow cat before even going in, to cruising across I-10 in Arizona in the middle of August, or just finding a place to park a mile from the airport in Key West, Fl.

It's times like these that you'll be glad you choose to buy your tires from Tier 1 Tires. We are a commercial truck tire shop. Ask if we have a current tire sale going on and you might save even more money on your truck or trailer tires.

Give us a call today and find out how we can get you on the road with the best commercial truck tires at a fair price. Tier 1 Tires will help keep your truck going down the road.
At Tier 1 Tires, we not only sell our commercial truck tires, but we also equip them on our fleet. We offer durable, high quality 16 PLY Drive Tires, EPA SmartWay Certified Low Rolling Resistance 16 PLY Steer- All Position Tires, and we are ready to install them for a nominal $25.00 per tire install fee.

​And we offer high quality Class 8 truck tires at low prices compared with other businesses in the Class 8 Trucking industry.
Tires that meet EPA SmartWay criteria for reduced rolling resistance help save fuel and reduce vehicle emissions.

Components manufactured with SmartWay verified technologies can lower the cost of operating trucks, and lower the impact on the environment.

Tier 1 Tires offers the best commercial truck tires, all 16 ply drive tires, priced so every owner operator can afford to get away from the recap junk and into a full set of NEW tires.

These tires feature good ground grasping capability on snow and miry road surfaces. They have excellent abrasion resistance, traction performance, low running noise, and longer mileage. Tier 1 Tires offers robust 16 PLY drive tires that excel in harsh conditions such as lease roads and goat trails found in the oil and frac fields of America.

Stop paying too much for recap truck tires that could leave you stuck on the side of the road in the middle nowhere waiting on road side assistance to come and charge you an arm and a leg for a new tire.
 Make Tier 1 Tires your first choice for commercial truck tires.